Roll-Off Boxes & Services


We have 15- 20- 30- 40 cubic yard roll off boxes!

We service Kershaw, Richland, and Fairfield Counties.

Boxes can be used for:

Demo’s- Remodels- New Builds- Land Clearing

*All Dumpsters are prepay and have 2 week limit without rent.

Call: (803) 438-3386

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Container- Rules:

Don’t overfill:

Normal debris- stop at top

Heavy (concrete, brick, dirt)- stop at half

Placement should be where truck can get without tearing up septic tanks, cement drives, low hanging tree’s and power lines.

NO: Toxic- Hazardous or Flammable Material


Pick the size that best fits your needs.

We can deliver and dump same or next day

(with early notification- before 10:00 am)

Call: (803) 438-3386


*Possible fee if we have to wait for path to be cleared before removal*