We are still working our normal household trash routes and will continue to do so as long as the landfill is open. Please bag your trash before placing it into the cart. If someone within your household is showing symptoms or has tested positive with COVID-19, please double bag the trash. This will help to reduce our workers from coming into contact with this virus. We have suspended our recycling route for the safety of our employees. As most of you know, our employees hand sort the recycling as it is picked up. Even though they are wearing gloves and other safety equipment, we feel this extra measure is necessary to protect them from this virus. Once we are cleared of COVID-19, we will resume this service. The safety and health of our employees is very important to us as well as still providing our household pick up to our customers.

Invoices for April, May and June were sent out last Thursday. We are asking that you pay either online or over the phone. You may also mail a check to our post office box (PO Box 1329, Lugoff, SC  29078). If you must come to the office to pay, please wait outside for us to come to you. If we don’t come straight out, we may be helping someone on the phone. Thank you for your understanding!